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Out & About

Be active in various ways at THE DADA itself or in the surrounding area. Self-awareness and perception of nature around you. Be in nature. Go out. Go. Walk. Run. Choose for yourself what moves you most. Climb to the heights. Discover Märkische Schweiz.

Follow traces. Take time out. THE DADA motivates and activates.
  • Yoga lessons with a private yoga teacher directly in THE DADA (with advance notice)
  • Day Spa in Gut Klostermühle, Brune Balance Spa (with advance notice)
  • Golf Park Schloss Wilkendorf
  • Equestrian Center Klosterdorf
  • Forest rope course Strausberg CLIMB UP!
  • Bicycle tour through Märkische Schweiz
  • Geocaching
  • Hiking tours through Mark Brandenburg – on the trail of Theodor Fontane
I wandered through the Mark region and I found it even more enriching than I had dared to hope. Every step on the earth came alive and gave rise to creations (…) I experienced such wealth that now I have the distinct feeling that there is no way that I can even attempt to master it.
Theodor Fontane - Hiking through Mark Brandenburg

Waldsieversdorf is well-known. It is known as a state-recognized spa resort and as an enclave for artists and creative thinkers. At the heart of the Nature Reserve “Märkische Schweiz”, two kilometres from Buckow. Here you breathe in the diversity of the lakes and forests around you. It is a famous place of retreat: The house of the composite photo artist John Heartfield is today a museum. Visit the spirit of Brecht and Weigel.

THE DADA has personal recommendations in the surrounding area and is delighted to prepare everything for you. Just ask us about our current excursion tips.
Discover Waldsieversdorf
  • John-Heartfield-Haus
  • Kneipp cure pools
  • Großer Däbersee
  • Kleiner Däbersee
  • Papillensee
  • Angling Courses: Trout fishing in Stöbberbach

Nature reserve. Kneipp health resort. “Buckower Kessel”, the basin formed by melted glacial waters. Original nature. Pure air. 1,640 hours of sunshine in the year. Culture. History. The town in a different world. Discover this world in a day or return again and again. The railway has a different rhythm. The many lakes of the glacial basin invite you to simply let go, let your thoughts run free and give rise to new ideas. Really not far away from THE DADA.

Ask Frau Prothmann about possible excursions and the latest information.
  • Discover Buckow

    • Brecht-Weigel-Haus
    • Theater “unten drunter”
    • Park Theater – Cinema Buckow
    • Schlosspark
    • Buckow narrow gauge railway
Culinary Delights

THE DADA attaches great importance to top quality products. In our recommendations for culinary enjoyment we guarantee fulfillment of the same high demands in the selection and preparation of the ingredients as we do in the service and ambience for our guests. Synergy gives rise to special. We like to share good things with our guests. Enjoy the evening with regional cuisine, modern interpretations, finest Italian dishes or creations with a touch of Asia.

Frau Prothmann will be pleased to help you to choose from the current recommendations. You can book directly in advance. THE DADA likes to share good things with you.
  • Altes Forsthaus, Waldsieversdorf: regional dishes and game
  • Stobbermühle Buckow, situated directly on the River Stobber: regional cuisine
  • La Bottega, Strausberg: Italian restaurant
  • The Distillery in Schloss Neuhardenberg: new interpretations of regional dishes
  • Klostermühle in Gut Klostermühle, Alt-Madlitz: basic cooking with Asian influence
THE DADA likes to share good things with you.
Culture & Events
THE DADA elevates the senses.

Buildings which have inspired us and continue to inspire to elegies, to mises-en-scène, to assemblies and collages. As protected monument, freely accessible as a museum, as a place of exchange and talk, discussions, lectures and art. Here is the place for important discussion. The basis of THE DADA is the bond with art. With expression. With entirety. Discover enclaves of the past of influential artists such as Bertolt Brecht, Helene Weigel and John Heartfield who found their retreat here in the 1950s. Frau Prothmann regularly puts together the latest information and events calendar for you.

THE DADA for enrichment of body and soul.
  • Culture & Events

    • Brecht-Weigel House (“Selected Landmark 2006”)
    • John-Heartfield-Haus
    • Schloss Neuhardenberg with Schinkel-designed church, architecture and events
    • Theater “unten drunter”, Buckow